Oral Radiology 2 (OMD361n/OMD361/OMD361z)

This course aims to provide junior dental students with the learning opportunities to become competent at Generating an appropriate radiographic examination request based on patient’s history & clinical presentation. Executing successfully and efficiently the radiographic examination on a patient and formulating a complete radiographic report. Identify radiographically different diseases that involve teeth and their supporting structures. Applying the fundamental principles of the radiographic description of lesions, interpretation, and differential diagnosis in writing. Enabling them to achieve a self-directed problem-solving approach, designed to enhance their critical thinking and decision-making abilities when faced with radiographic lesions.

Oral Radiology 1 (OMD351z/OMD351n)

The course aims to offer the third-year dental student (5th Term) with: The basic knowledge of radiation physics, x-ray machines, and image production. Mastering intra-oral dental radiography including the techniques, selecting the receptor, processing, mounting, viewing & troubleshooting common errors. Application of radiation protection protocols & localization techniques. Recognition & interpretation of basic radiographic anatomical landmarks in intraoral & panoramic radiographs. Understanding principles of panoramic radiography and its errors.