This course is the first phase of the graduation projects of PR and Advertising. It is mainly the extensive research part. It contains the extensive research part, data collection, data analysis where the students do a survey and analyse the results and relate the results to the already read material. 

The research is about a social marketing problem to be solved in the Egyptian society, or about rebranding of an already existing Egyptian entity. 

 The idea of the research has to be related to the SDGs and the Egyptian sustainable plan 2030. 

The students do not only study the problem in the Egyptian society, but also they provide the scientific solutions for it. They are asked to seek professional help from real practitioners in the field to provide real solutions to the problem. This happens through the interviews with practitioners related to the problem.

The same thing applies in the rebranding part, they manage to choose an Egyptian entity and follow the rebranding marketing plan to make it a new different entity. 

In both cases, they do huge extensive literature review, similar campaigns and its results, Swot analysis, macro environment, decide on the variables for the survey, conduct the survey, analyse it and come up with solutions.