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Course Objectives

Host Department​Oral medicine & Periodontology 

Course Code: ​OMD533z

Course Title​Oral Medicine 3

This course will provide general identification of structure & functions of the periodontium with classification of periodontal diseases also detailed information about initiating and predisposing factors of the disease. Finally, the goals, objectives & expected results of non-surgical treatment. It will enable students for clinically performing non-surgical periodontal therapy for mild periodontal cases in the clinic

Oral Medicine, Diagnosis & Radiology-1

( 3 Credits)

Course Code:


-The course aims at establishing didactic information, knowledge and skills necessary for effectively diagnosing and non-surgically treating patients suffering from systemic and/or other local diseases affecting the oral and the head and neck regions.
-The course also introduces students to the importance of periodontics as a dental discipline. Emphasis is placed on understanding the basic micro- and macro-anatomy of the healthy tissues of the periodontium as well as its physiology.
-In addition, the student will be introduced to the diseased periodontium with special emphasis on aetiology, epidemiology and clinical and histopathological aspects of the disease.

 Students fulfill their clinical requirements under supervision in the department clinics where the patients have access to treatment completely free of charge


-Principles of oral diagnosis (the diagnostic method, methods of clinical examination, etc..).
-Oral manifestations of skin diseases.
-Oral manifestations of blood diseases.
-Basic immunology and diseases of the immune system.
-Laboratory investigations required in dental practice.
-Differential diagnosis of oral lesions using radiography.
-Management of oral manifestations of systemic diseases.



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Final Exam
Midterm Exam
Course Work

The course aims to assemble basic biomedical dental sciences with clinical presentation and special investigation of the disease in addition to management, differentiate between normal and abnormal features relevant to oral and surrounding mucosa and periodontal tissues and also analyze and interpret collected diagnostic data to solve clinical problems.

This course is designed to help the students plan for the treatment of different periodontal conditions including how to outline the different techniques of periodontal surgeries and regeneration. Students will also learn how to perform supra and subgingival debridement  for moderate and severe cases of periodontitis. 

Students fulfill their clinical requirements under supervision in the department clinics where the patients have access to treatment completely free of charge