Design General Courses start from level 2

DSN455-Product Branding

 DSN 455 is a unit designed to develop the students' knowledge and understanding of the concepts and principles of branding and brand management, and their application to relevant industries

This unit explores the process of establishing a successful brand position. Through reading, research, lectures, case studies and workshops students learn the principles of modern branding. Students then apply those principles as they develop a brand strategy, brand position and brand personality for a specific product or service just as they would in the professional world.

DSN472-Design Futures

DSN472 will explore Design Futures implementation strategies, research their development, and investigate theoretical options. It will enable students to embrace the concept of “Design Suturing” as a way of thinking and acting. The unit will present a series of examples of Design Futures Projects, and consider how they were designed and acquired. There will also be a particular focus on 'designing-back-from-the-future' methods. Design Futures will equip you to work in an environment of rapid change, ready for the unpredictable but exciting future of our society. 

DSN451-User Interaction Techniques in Design

DSN451 is an Introduction to interactive design it is a practical, introductory unit to the world of interactive and digital design. The focus will be on creating interactive experiences that are both functional and engaging. This will be approached from various points-of-view: design, usability, technique, and entertainment. 

CDS213-3D Design Visualization Studio

This unit covers all concepts relating to 3D form as well as related special issues. The unit will introduce the key skills and professional knowledge needed to creatively develop the built environment and the elements within it. Students will learn how to design real as well as virtual Objects and Products. Analog and digital model-making is an important part of this unit. Students are encouraged to experiment with materials and processes and to question the relationship between form and function. The unit also examines the ethical practice and the role of design in sustaining natural and social environments.

Working in parallel with 2D visualization, this unit aims to develop the student's creative thinking and enhance their imagination capabilities through 3D practice. It also aims to explore the students‘ awareness of the values of both Form and space throughout several workshops and studio practice as well as introductory sessions in 3D digital design

Technical Drawing II: Introduction to CAD (ARCH201/ARCH212)

This unit teaches student how to design using AutoCAD as a drawing tool and to achieve and present their designs and creativity concept.

Unit Module has 3 directions:

One: demonstrates how AutoCAD can help interior designer (Home & theatre) in creating / editing plans, elevations and sections.

Second: for graphic designs and how program can make designing patterns and geometrical illustration concept very easy and open new way in creativity.

Third: for fashion design; AutoCAD can help them in designing pattern and shapes to reflect geometrical concept in their designs.